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Water Softeners

Remove minerals that are wreaking havoc on your home!

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The hardness of the water in your home can have several effects on your day-to-day life. When your water is too hard, it can lead to some negative consequences that could cost you money in several ways.

The professionals here at Roadrunner Plumbing & Air are dedicated to not only providing a superior standard of service but also to educating our customers so they can make the right plumbing decisions for their homes.

If you’re dealing with hard water in your home and are looking for a solution, a water softener could be the answer. A system from our team is by far the best option to prevent the consequences of hard water. Our team is eager to extend our knowledge and expertise about them to you, so reach out today to get started.

What Is Hard Water?

For many, water might be the softest thing imaginable. As a liquid, it can often feel silky smooth as you run your fingers through a still pool or sink into the bathtub. However, water is classified based on mineral content and comes in a range from soft to hard.

The “hardness” of water refers to the specific concentration of minerals and microscopic particles present within it. When water has a high concentration of micro solids, it’s considered “hard.” When water is undiluted and free of these particles it’s considered “soft.”

Why Should You Consider Softening Your Water?

To best describe the benefits of installing a water softener, it’s easiest to describe the negative effects of hard water. Having hard water is associated with many side effects that can both cost homeowners money and greatly inconvenience them in the process.

Read on to learn some of the worst problems associated with hard water.

Buildup In Plumbing & Appliances

Hard water tends to increase wear and tear on any type of system or appliance that uses or manages water. This includes your main plumbing system and every tool or appliance attached to it.

Over time, the minerals present in hard water can accumulate on the insides of your pipes and appliances causing them to lose effectiveness and eventually fail.

Hard Water Reduces The Effectiveness Of Soap

The minerals in hard water can interfere with the active agents of soap and cleaning products, greatly reducing their effectiveness. Not only will your house be harder to clean, but you’ll have to waste far more money on products that can’t work as effectively as they should.

Mineral Deposits Leave Unsightly Residue

When you finally do get something clean with hard water, making it look clean is another story. When surfaces are allowed to air dry, hard water tends to leave behind an unsightly residue once evaporated — which can make your cleaning process feel repetitive and useless.

Hard Water Dulls Skin & Hair

Hard water can have minor negative impacts on your health because the minerals in the water can strip away the oils naturally present in your skin and hair that help them stay healthy.

To determine if you’re dealing with any of the negative impacts of hard water, look out for issues such as:

  • Persistent water residue
  • Regular appliance failure
  • Frequent plumbing repairs
  • Ineffective cleaning products
  • Dry skin or hair

The professionals here at Roadrunner Plumbing & Air highly recommend that you consider asking us about a water softener to improve your life by stopping these problems at the source.

Annual Water Softener Maintenance

All major home components require maintenance to function efficiently, and your water softener is no different. It’s generally recommended that you have your unit inspected by a professional at least once a year to ensure that the system can effectively do its job.

Your system might need a simple filter replacement or a resin bead recharge to keep running efficiently. No team is more careful or thorough when it comes to providing this service than the professionals at Roadrunner Plumbing & Air.

Water Softener Installation From Roadrunner Plumbing & Air

If you’re tired of dealing with the annoying side effects of water hardness and want to find the best water softener installation in San Antonio, then call the professionals at Roadrunner Plumbing & Air as soon as possible. Our team will be out to assess your water situation to swiftly provide the most ideal water-softening solution possible.

Roadrunner Plumbing & Air offers several water softening options, including:

halo 5 water softener

Ion-Exchange Water Softeners

RO5 system

Alkaline Reverse Osmosis

halo 5 water softener

Zero Waste Zero Salt Dual Tank Water Treatment

halo 5 water softener

Water Purification

Call the water softener repair, install and maintenance experts at Roadrunner Plumbing & Air today!
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