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Smart Thermostats

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Smart Thermostat Installation Services

We have a lot of “smart” things these days — smartphones, smart watches, smart refrigerators and smart cars, to name a few. Your home’s heating and cooling system doesn’t have to be any less intelligent, though — and a smart thermostat can use technology to help you save both energy and money.

Roadrunner Plumbing is the team of experts to call for smart thermostat installation in San Antonio. We install the Nest smart thermostat, which is built to learn your heating and cooling habits and preferences over time so it can then automatically adjust the temperature inside your home for maximum energy efficiency based on your own schedule.

How A Nest Smart Thermostat Works

When you get your Nest thermostat installed in your home, you’ll be asked to set your preferred temperature for different times of the day. This is used as a starting point for the thermostat’s learning process.

From there, the Nest uses a number of built-in sensors that detect motion, temperature, humidity and light levels, which allows the thermostat to know if you’re at home or not. The Nest then uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the data from those sensors and make adjustments to the temperature based on your behavior.

For instance, if you tend to lower the temperature before you go to bed at night, the Nest thermostat will learn this and do it automatically in the future. Your Nest will also learn other behaviors based on the time of day. It will gradually adjust the temperature to your desired setting, such as turning up the heat a bit before you wake up in the morning on a cold day. Any manual adjustments you make to the thermostat are also recorded and learned from.

Over time, the Nest thermostat will continue to learn your behavior and preferences, making automatic adjustments to the temperature to create a comfortable and energy-efficient environment for you and your family. It takes the guesswork out of managing your home’s heating and cooling system.

Thermostat Energy Savings

Don’t just take our praise for the Nest smart thermostat, though. Nest was the first thermostat to be ENERGY STAR certified. According to Google, the parent company of Nest, its smart thermostats have saved more than 124 trillion kilowatt hours of energy since 2011. Studies also show that Nest users save anywhere from 10-15% on their home’s heating and cooling bills after making the switch. That means the Nest thermostat usually pays for itself in less than two years.

Thermostat Accessibility

Beyond its learning mode, the Nest thermostat also has several other key features. You can control it remotely using an app on your phone, meaning you can change or adjust the temperature no matter where you are located. Did you leave for the weekend and forget to raise the temperature several degrees? No worries — the Nest app has you covered.

Your Nest is also voice controlled with smart home assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You don’t even have to leave the couch to bump the temperature up or down a few degrees. There’s also a bit of gamification with the Nest — it will show you a leaf when you’ve changed the settings to be energy efficient. This setting is different and unique for every family’s usage habits.

Finally, the Nest will produce an energy report for you to monitor your daily energy usage and keep track of your energy savings.

Ready To Upgrade Your Thermostat?

We use technology to improve and enhance so many other factors in our life, so it’s time to let technology save you money on your monthly cooling and heating bill. Contact Roadrunner Plumbing today to get a Nest smart thermostat installed in your home. It’s a small investment with a big return.

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