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Heat Pumps

Command your energy savings with a heat pump!

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Heat Pump Installation + Repair

When you’re in the market for a new heating and cooling system for your home, you have plenty of options. Traditional AC and heaters are probably the first things to come to mind, but one option you may not have yet considered is a heat pump.

Don’t let the name confuse you — a heat pump controls both the heating and cooling of your home. A heat pump is a system designed to transfer heat between the air inside your home and the outside air. It may be the perfect match for your San Antonio home. Let Roadrunner Plumbing handle your heat pump installation services!

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air outside your home during the winter months and transferring it inside to warm your home. That process is then reversed in the warmer months to keep your home cool. Opting for a heat pump installation in your home means you only have one system handling your comfort needs — instead of both an air conditioner and a heater.

In places with mild winters, like here in San Antonio, a heat pump can be a more efficient option for homeowners.

Differences Between Heat Pumps + Traditional AC Systems

Beyond the core functionality, heat pumps and traditional systems differ in several other ways. Here are just a few of the pros and cons to keep in mind when trying to decide if a heat pump install is right for you:

  • Energy efficiency: Heat pumps are generally more energy-efficient than air conditioners because they don’t need to generate heat or cool air as air conditioners do. Instead, they transfer heat between the indoor and outdoor air, using less energy in the process.
  • Initial cost: While heat pumps are more energy efficient in the long run, they tend to be more expensive upfront. However, the long-term savings in energy costs can often make up for the higher initial cost.
  • Heat pump maintenance: Both heat pumps and air conditioners require regular maintenance to ensure proper function and longevity. However, heat pumps tend to have more complex systems that require regular heat pump tune-up appointments each year.
  • Lifespan: Heat pumps tend to have a longer lifespan than air conditioners – usually lasting somewhere between 15-20 years. Compare that to a traditional AC and heating system, which normally lasts 10-15 years. This can make a heat pump system the more cost-effective option in the long run, especially if you plan to stay in your home for a while.

The Roadrunner Way

Roadrunner Plumbing’s team of expert heat pump installers is here to walk you through the entire installation process. First, we’ll help determine the right size heat pump system for your home’s heating and cooling needs.

We’ll remove your old AC system before prepping and working on your heat pump installation. After your new system is up and running, we test everything to make sure it’s working properly — and train you on how to operate your new heat pump system.

Through the life of your heat pump system, Roadrunner can handle your heat pump maintenance and tune-ups — and if something ever goes wrong, we’re the heat pump repair service San Antonio trusts.

Your Heat Pump Services

Going with a heat pump system to handle your home’s heating and cooling needs has several advantages, but it all starts with picking the right team. Here at Roadrunner Plumbing, we have all of your needs covered – from heat pump installation San Antonio homeowners can count on to heat pump maintenance and heat pump repair service.

We’re family owned and known for delivering quality service with integrity and trust. Get your heat pump questions answered today. Set up an appointment with Roadrunner Plumbing today to discuss if a heat pump is right for you and your home.

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