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Water Filtration

Filter out local minerals and sediments from your water!

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Clean water is a luxury that’s an overlooked miracle. It’s something that’s shaped our civilization. For millennia, human beings have established settlements and cities based on proximity to freshwater sources such as rivers and lakes. From those places, the seeds of civilization were allowed to grow into the modern world that we exist in today.

For most of us, fresh water is a simple faucet handle turn away, and its ever-present availability has given many of us the privilege of forgetting just how important our modern access to water is.

Fortunately, for the community of San Antonio, the professionals here at Roadrunner Plumbing & Air have made it our mission to uphold the standards of modern plumbing. While the water that comes out of your faucet is likely perfectly safe to consume and use for daily activities, it may contain high mineral content.

When you want to be 100% sure that the water being provided to your home is clean and fresh, our team is here to provide you with the highest quality water filtration systems around.

Whole-Home Water Filters

While it’s possible to filter individual water sources in your home, the professionals here at Roadrunner Plumbing & Air highly recommend that homeowners consider a whole home water filtration system.

These units are installed at the connection point where your city water line connects to the mainline of your home. Depending on your specific needs, water filters will vary slightly in function and filtration methods. Overall, home filtration systems work with the same general two-stage process, using a combination of physical and chemical filters.

First, water is filtered through a larger pre-filter to remove larger particles.

Following this, most filters tend to employ some alternate filtration method such as:

  • UV Sterilization
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ion Exchange Via Resin Beads

Major Benefits Of Whole-Home Water Filtration

Aside from the obvious benefits of providing fresh, filtered water to your entire home rather than a single source, whole-home water filters come with several benefits that could offset the cost of the device both financially and in convenience.

Superior Taste & Smell

While water may be neutral in flavor, its general taste is affected by a number of factors, including mineral concentration and the presence of sediment in your pipes.

Whole-home water filters are the most effective way to filter out all the particles that negatively influence the quality of your water. With help from our team, you’ll be left with the most neutral, best-tasting and smelling water you could possibly have.

Less Harsh On Plumbing & Appliances

The sediments and minerals naturally present in tap water can have a negative impact on your appliances and plumbing over time. The best way to prevent this damage is by filtering out the particles before they have the chance to become a problem. The best way to do that is with a whole home water filter from Roadrunner Plumbing & Air.

Cost Savings & Environmental Benefits

The average American consumes roughly 317 bottles of water per year. Every single bottle costs money — and each has an impact on the environment. It’s been proven that homeowners who utilize whole-home water filtration tend to purchase less bottled water on average which is beneficial to both their wallets and our environment.

Get Rid Of The Bottles, Go Full Throttle — With  A Water Filter From Roadrunner

If the water you put into your body and use in your home is important to you, our team is ready to help. To ensure that every drop is as clean and pure as possible, please contact the professionals here at Roadrunner Plumbing & Air for the best water filter installation around.

Our team is doing everything we can to ensure the homes in our community have easy access to fresh-tasting drinking water and quality plumbing services. We’re eager to prove to you why we’re the best around – reach out to us today!

Roadrunner Plumbing & Air specializes in the following filtration systems:

Halo 5 water softener
RO5 system
UV Assorted water filtration product
CK 10 water softener with Tank
  1. Carbon Filter Water Filtration: This whole-house system uses carbon filters to remove contaminants and reduce the taste and smell of chlorine, which is added to the water supply during treatment.
  2. Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration: Reverse osmosis purifies drinking water, making it an efficient, affordable option.
  3. UV Filter Water Treatment: This system uses UV light to kill any bacteria that may be present in your water without any chemicals or heat.
  4. Water Softener: Improving your home’s water quality by removing high levels of minerals from your home’s water supply.

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