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IAQ Installation

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IAQ System Installation

When you think of air quality, you probably think immediately of the outdoors. We all know about the damaging effects of smog and pollution on the air we breathe outside — but have you ever stopped to think about the quality of the air you breathe inside your home?

Roadrunner Plumbing is here to help San Antonio residents keep the air inside their homes cleaner and healthier. Read on to learn more about indoor air quality (IAQ) and how we can help you!

Why Does IAQ Matter?

Your indoor air quality — whether it’s at home or at work — is oftentimes much more polluted than the air outside. This can happen because of many different reasons, including poor ventilation, biological contaminants like mold and pet dander and human activities like smoking.

On average, humans spend around 90% of their time indoors. Poor indoor air quality can have negative effects on our health, causing symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, eye irritation and respiratory problems. Exposure to pollutants and allergens in the air can also increase the risk of asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

In order to maintain good indoor air quality, it’s important to take steps to control indoor air pollutants. One of the most effective ways to protect the air you breathe inside your home is with indoor air quality services. When it comes to San Antonio indoor air quality, Roadrunner Plumbing has you covered with the Reme Halo air purification system.

How Does The Reme Halo Work?

The Reme Halo air purifier is installed inside your air ducts and mimics the disinfectant properties of sunlight to kill up to 99% of bacteria, viruses and mold in your home’s air and surfaces. Here’s how it works:

  1. Ionization: The REME Halo air purifier uses ionization to create charged molecules that bond to airborne particles, making them larger and easier to capture by the system’s filters.
  2. UVC Light: The REME Halo air purifier also uses UVC light to kill bacteria and viruses that may be present in the air. UVC light is a type of ultraviolet light that is effective at breaking down the DNA of microorganisms, making them unable to reproduce and causing them to die.
  3. Photohydroionization: The REME Halo air purifier also uses a process called photohydroionization, which combines UVC light and catalytic molecules to produce hydroperoxides. Hydroperoxides are naturally occurring molecules that are effective at neutralizing airborne pollutants, allergens and odors.
  4. Filtration: In addition to ionization, UVC light and photohydroionization, the REME Halo air purifier also includes a high-efficiency MERV 13 filter to capture larger particles such as dust, pollen and pet dander.

The REME Halo air purifier is installed directly into your HVAC system, allowing it to purify the air throughout your entire home. It works continuously to clean the air, reducing the presence of airborne contaminants and allergens and improving indoor air quality.

Should You Invest In A Reme Halo?

By installing a REME Halo air purifier, you can create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment for yourself and your family. Even better? The Reme Halo is silent, meaning the only thing you’ll notice is the freshness of your home’s air.

In terms of cost, the Reme Halo is affordable for most family budgets — and the return on your investment is massive. What price can you put on your family’s health and well-being? The Reme Halo can be installed in just about any central air conditioning system.

Defend Your Home With IAQ Solutions

Are you ready to increase your indoor air quality and get rid of viruses, mold, bacteria and weird odors in the places where your family lives, eats and sleeps every single day and night?

If so, contact Roadrunner Plumbing today to learn about the most effective solution for your home — or to have a Reme Halo air purifier installed in your home. Our company is family-owned, so we know the importance of family. The Roadrunner team of experts is ready to help your family breathe easier and live healthier.

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